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Secrets To Super Responsive Profit Pulling Lists

As you know already, your business profits are mostly based on your subscriber or customer list. But keep in mind that there are also additional aspects to take into consideration.

The Money Is In The Relationship

Just building or growing your list is not going to bring you the expected results if nobody ever responds to anything that you offer to them. So instead of saying that "the money is in your list", add " the money is in the relationship" to your thought process.
Connecting with your subscribers will cause them to trust you. This is so important, because now they will be more likely to respond to your endorsements and look to you as a credible source of expert information.
Just think of all the friends that you have. What makes a great friendship and how did you build the relationship with your friends?

Building The Relationship Is An Ongoing Process

If you want to know how to build a list of responsive subscribers that will buy from you, you have to put in a true effort in establishing and solidifying that bond. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are well suited platforms to build relationships.

Building a list that's truly responsive can be as simple as giving away great information that solves your subscribers problems and not bombarding them with offer after offer without balancing it out without excellent value.

However, this does depend on the kind of list you have, but generally you always want your subscribers to always feel that your e-mails are going to help them with their problems or businesses. In fact, if you do this, they will always eagerly wait and open all your e-mails.

Give Your Best Free Material And Your List Will Love You And Buy

That sounds a little bit counter intuitive. You're most likely thinking that if you give away your best stuff, then they don't have any reason to buy anything from you. This is far from the truth, because everyone on your list will completely trust you and will almost feel obligated to reciprocate in buying from you.
By giving away your best material, your subscribers will love what you send them and a trust will be built that will cause them to buy from you for many years to come.
In summary, if you really want to build a list that will truly become the backbone of your business, focus on building relationships with your prospects, customers and subscribers. Regardless if you already have a list or you are beginning one, success comes from building the relationship as compared to simply building the list.

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