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Tips for Using Pinterest for Online Marketing

The social media site Pinterest is growing in popularity as a social media site and as an online market tool. Pinterest reports it has more than 100 million unique visitors. The number of people interacting on Pinterest is growing and growing.

Think of Pinterest as a virtual corkboard or a digital scrapbook. Individuals find articles, photos or videos that they are interested in and "pin" them. This social platform allows customers to promote your products and services for free.
Small business owners such as graphic artists, photographers, interior designers and fashion designers create storyboards on Pinterest to allow them to showcase their work. Pinterest allows them to be show off their creativity and personal style.

A small business owner can keep track of how many of their "pins" are "repinned" by others. This can help them determine customer interest and popularity of products.

Here's how to get started on Pinterest.

Go to and create a business account.
Pick a username. Be thoughtful if it's for your business. Either use your business name or create a username that reflects something about your business.
In the About section of Pinterest, create a description of your business, product and service using keywords that enable Pinterest users and the search engines know what your business is about.
Verify your website on the setting page by clicking the verify button next to your website's URL.

Once you've got your account set up, follow these tips to get your small business using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Pin your content:

Images matter on Pinterest so make your you have high quality, interesting images on every page of your website. If you sell products on your website, take photos of the products and make the photos interesting. Add people and interesting backgrounds to the photos.
Add share buttons to your website and add "pin it" buttons to all your pages and posts to make it easy for visitors and yourself to pin your content items.

Marketing tips for Pinterest include: 

• Define your boards.

Be sure to organize your business' pin board's in ways that define the products and services you offer. 

• Be creative.

Pinterest is all about creativity and personality. Show yours off. 

• Track your board.

Keep track of whether items from your website are being pinned and repined. This allows you to track and find customers interested in your products.

• Interact:

Engage with those pinning your items by "repinning," "liking" or "mentioning."

Pinterest is easy to use and is gaining in popularity by both customers and small business owners. Take some time to figure how Pinterest can help with your online marketing plan for a successful year.

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