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5 Steps To Starting With Video Marketing

Often the first thing that you think of when it comes to video marketing is fear.

Fear of the cost, fear of being on camera and fear of no technical knowledge. However, video marketing is really not all that scary. Here are 5 steps on getting started with video marketing.

Step 1. Choose A Product To Sell

Obviously, your first step is to choose the best product or service to sell to your target audience. Make sure that you have something with a proven sales record in a market that you are enthusiastic about. If you find the product boring or uninteresting, it will come across in your video. You can sell a product as an affiliate or you produce your own product.

2. Get a YouTube Account

Building a YouTube account to upload your videos online is as easy as setting up an email account. You input your information, pick a user name and password, answer a few questions and you're all set to go. Check in your email account and click on the link and you will be registered and after verification, you can log in to your YouTube channel. If you choose a username for your YouTube channel use either the name associated with your business or go the keyword route by choosing appropriate keywords users will likely search.

3. Shoot Your Video

Video marketing does not always mean that you have to be in front of the camera. Many marketers promote products with video and never actually appear in the video themselves. Instead, they use screen capture software that records your voice and shows what is on your computer screen while recording. This is a great way to show a presentation.

If you don't mind being on camera, your smart phone or tablet will have a build in video camera that enables you to quickly shoot a video and get it uploaded to YouTube. These instant videos often have more appeal than professionally edited videos.

4. Don't Forget Your Keywords

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and has more than 3 billion searches a month. Just like your website, you need to choose the best keywords that will match your product and create the best headline for your video. Make your headline snappy, short and simple.

5. Upload To YouTube

If you used your smart phone or tablet to film your video, you'll be able to upload it directly from your device. YouTube will send you an email when it's ready to view. To embed your videos directly onto your website, click on the 'share' button below your YouTube video and paste the URL code into your website page. You can also amend the size and player controls for the video by clicking on the 'embed' link and choosing the appropriate options.


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