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How To Write an Ebook Fast With These 5 Quick Tips

By Lynn Brown
Ebook sales are skyrocketing.

You can't afford not to be in on the eBook revolution. Whether you're writing an eBook to sell from your website, give an eBook away to build your list or to publish on Amazon, people want information.

Writing free Ebooks to give away on your site or with your product offers, is a great way to build your list and grow your opportunity in bringing more awareness about you and your business.

But writing an eBook is daunting for many. To sit down and type out page after page of information can be intimidating to say the least. Fortunately, there are ways to do it faster and easier. With a little focus, you can whip out an eBook in a few days max.

Here are some tips on how to write an eBook fast:

#1 - Write a Fast EBook Using Information You've Already Written

If you have your own website, chances are you've written a few articles. Go through those articles and group them together by subject. Then use them as material for your ebook. You may need to write new information to fill in the gaps, but you've already done the research, so it'll be faster than writing an eBook from scratch. Take advantage of work you've already done by re-purposing it instead of letting it stagnate on your hard drive.

#2 - Harness the Power of PLR to Write a Quick EBook

PLR, or private-label-rights, is pre-written material you can purchase and use in any way you like since it's copyright-free. There are numerous online sites that offer packages of PLR material by subject to website owners and eBook writers. If you use the material as is, your eBook won't be unique. To make it your own, re-write portions of it and add new information. You can completely change the material if you're so inclined. Starting with pre-written material makes the task of writing less intimidating, and it will help keep you focused. Some eBook writers use material in the public domain to enhance their ebook. Be sure it truly is in the public domain and isn't under copyright protection.

#3 - Speak Your EBook

You may find speaking your thoughts is easier than typing them out, especially if you're a slow typist. Use voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to transcribe your eBook as you speak. You may have to work with the software to train it to recognize what you're saying, but once you do it's a real time-saver.

#4 - Write a Quick EBook by Interviewing Someone

People love reading interviews from experts in a field. Find someone who's knowledgeable about your topic to interview - and then transcribe the interview into an ebook. This is one of the quickest ways to produce a quick ebook. For a longer eBook you can include interviews from more than one expert.

The experts will enjoy the publicity, and they'll benefit from a link back to their website. Everyone benefits.

#5 - Make a Detailed Outline and Then Write Fast
Before writing an ebook, make an outline of the topics to include. The more detailed your outline, the easier the information will be to write. Use a keyword tool such as the Google keyword suggestion tool to brainstorm topics. Simply, type in the subject of your book, and see what keyword suggestions come up. Once you have your outline in front of you, write as quickly as you can without editing. You can go back later and make changes. Never edit while you're writing, it will only slow you down. You'll be surprised how quickly that eBook will come together using this technique.

Writing an eBook doesn't have to be intimidating or time-consuming. Use these tips to write a quick eBook - and start profiting from the eBook revolution.


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