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How to Write Effective Articles Fast

By Sylviane Nuccio

Writing articles online or offline can be very intimidating for many. Even though I had been writing most of my life, as a matter of fact, since childhood; the first time that I had to write professionally was very scary to me.

Very soon, however, I found out that it didn't have to be. Once you understand the basic techniques of writing articles, you will be able to write a 350-450 word article in less than half an hour.

Where ever you might be writing, online or not, your articles should always have this kind of structure:

1) A headline (title)
2) An introduction
3) A body
4) A conclusion
5) A resource box

The headline needs to be keyword focused and catchy enough, so people will first find and then want to read your article. Take a look at the title of this article: "How to write effective articles fast". There are two very positive adjectives I am using here: "effective" and "fast". Everyone wants to write articles that are effective and they want to write them as fast as possible. Don't they? So, this makes a good catchy title.

In your introduction it's good to evoke a problem that people may have in regard to your article theme. Read my introduction again and see what I mean. I expose a problem that many people have regarding article writing.

The body of your article should reveal a solution to the problem. What can the reader do to fix this? How can he improve? What help can he get?

Your conclusion should be a quick summary of your article body, and lead the reader to your call of action, which is your resource box in the case of online articles.

Your resource box is where you reveal to the reader what you have for him.

Once you have all these five ingredients, pre-mapped in your head or on paper, writing your article should be a breeze, and your first draft ready in 30 minutes or less. Mine are ready in 20 minutes.

Once you are done, it doesn't mean that you have to publish your article right away. In fact, leaving your article for a few hours or even overnight is a very good idea. When you come back to it you will read your article with fresh eyes and will be able to correct any miss-spellings, mistakes, punctuation errors and even add or remove some portions of the article. Once you've corrected everything that wasn't to your liking, you should be ready to publish your article.

My Tips: Write as many articles as you can without paying too much attention to miss-spellings and grammar errors, then leave the articles until the next day. The next day, just correct all the errors and publish all your articles. This is a great time saving and error free technique that I use for my articles.

Article writing is one of the most rewarding things you could do if you want to extend your reach to the public and grow your list like crazy.


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