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The Beginners Guide To Email Marketing


If you ever wondered...
- what is an autoresponder?
- why do I need one?
- how to create a campaign?
...then watch this video!

Statistics say it takes as many as 21 touches for the customer before they are willing to buy from you. Email marketing helps you make these meaningful contacts in a really cost-effective way. You can set up an autoresponder series which means you write a predefined sequence of emails all at once and schedule them to be sent out over time.
One of the coolest benefits of using an autoresponder is seeing who opened your email and who clicked on any of the links you may have included.

It also allows you to do splittesting to see which headlines work better and which emails convert and you can do advanced tracking when you are ready to do so.

But the most important reason to use an email marketing service instead of your own email address is that it does two things for you automatically:

- it allows for double opt-ins. Double opt-in is when you sign up for something online and get and email right away that says something like: "Hey Joe, thanks for giving us your email address. Click the link below to confirm we can send you stuff." That is double opt-in.

- The second thing it automatically does is subscription management. Subscription management is the link at the bottom of your emails that lets them unsubscribe from future emails from you. Without an unsubscription option your recipients might mark your emails as spam or junk. Your internet service provider might then see that and flag your account.

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