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The Number 1 Skill to Master in Internet Marketing

If you've been at the Internet Marketing game for any amount of time, then you need to know that there is one skill that stands out far above others as far as being crucial to your online success. One of the first skills you must master is... copywriting!

Before you start pitching offers, before you try to lure prospects to buying a product or service, if you don't have the fundamental skill of copywriting, your offers will end up falling on deaf ears. This ends up costing you time, effort and money - and you know how precious those are!

Think about it this way - if you can't show the prospect why they need to own your product or service, then you've just wasted a whole lot of effort. By learning copywriting, you'll learn how to compel a client to heed your call to action using proven psychological and emotional triggers to buy.

Have you ever looked at an offer and found yourself chomping at the bit to buy? That's the sign of skilled copywriting! Someone has pulled on the right triggers that caused you to pull out your wallet and hand over your hard-earned cash! This is not an easy thing to do, as you probably know.

What are some of the tricks that copywriters use to get you to purchase? One is using "secret" words that create an impulse to whip out credit cards and buy. Some of these words are: 


This is just a partial list, but if you look back on items you've purchased, you'll usually see these words in the copy.

Another interesting facet of copywriting is that in Internet Marketing, you use it everywhere. Want to encourage someone to watch your YouTube video? Better have compelling copy to get them to click on your link. How about using the right words to get someone to click on your article? Copywriting again. Do you have a website or blog? Copywriting once again.
Before you start your online efforts, or if you've been at it awhile with little to no results, make sure you know how to lure your customers in and lead them to action.


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