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Making Millions from your spare room?

Here’s a best selling book (Sunday Times Business Bestseller!) that WHSmith recommends. It is called “Copy This Idea” written by Andrew Reynolds and it is available for free: (Postage 1£, available in UK only). The book shows you a system to kick start your way to making big money from your laptop at home, on the beach or anywhere you choose.

Andrew Reynolds ( is a normal down-to-earth guy who escaped the 9-5 rat race and banked over 50 million pounds starting his business in his spare room. He checked out all kinds of money making ideas promoted by all kinds of people before he finally developed his successful system he made his millions with.  
His mentor was a guy in the US whose seminar he attended, Bill Myers ( Andrew has become a Multi-Millionaire by finding simple little products which other people have spent time and money in developing. To get access to the products he uses different licensing models.

He then uses his system “Cash on Demand” to sell them to individuals that he already knows will be keen to buy them. The products he focuses on are:

- Specialist information DVDs and CDs
- Digital Products and
- Privately written specialist information books, manuals etc.

But check out his system yourself: get your free copy at

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