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Marketing on Twitter: Your Bio and Landing Page

By Angela Booth   
Are you marketing on Twitter? The good news is that Twitter is easy to use; the bad news is that Twitter will be woefully ineffective if you don't pay attention to your setup.
To set up Twitter effectively, you need to devote thought to your Twitter bio, and to your landing page. Your bio is your calling card, or elevator speech. It should be friendly, creative, and professional.
Your landing page is the clickable link on your Profile.

Who Are You? Your Bio in 160 Characters

Your bio is that snippet of information Twitter displays on your Profile page. You have just 160 characters to entice followers. It's easy to set up, just go to Twitter Settings, and click on the Profile tab. Your bio describes your business, telling people who you are. Remember to add a couple of keywords, because profiles are searchable, but don't go overboard. This is social media marketing, with the emphasis on "social."
You can change your Profile at any time, so if you're running a special offer, or are launching a product, revise your bio. Don't forget to change it again once the special event is over.

Twitter Landing Page: Get Them Where You Want Them

On the Settings/ Profile tab, you'll notice that you can add the URL of your website, or blog. While initially you can simply add your website address, create a special Twitter landing page as soon as you can, then add that landing page URL to your Profile.
Yes, create a new webpage, just for your Twitter leads. You're acknowledging them, rather than tossing them directly to a promotional page, or even worse to your home page.
Here's why you should create a special landing page:

1 - To warm up your leads. 

Your Twitter leads are cold; they're unengaged. Yes, there are ways you can warm them up by running special social media promotions. However, primarily you'll want to give them added information on the page, to introduce yourself to them.
In addition, give them a reason to click through to your website. For example, a special coupon.

2 - To get more clicks.

This is your chance to get clicks through to your primary website.
Think about who these visitors might be, and send them to appropriate informational pages on your website.
For example, you might group visitors into: those who are completely new to your business, people who are considering buying from you, and people who've already made a purchase.
Give each group a special area on your landing page, and then funnel them through to your website.
Marketing on Twitter is fun. It can be profitable too. Ensure your success by creating both an engaging bio, and a powerful landing page.

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