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9 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Make You More Efficient

By Harsh Agrawal

If you want to build effective brand awareness, the best way is through content marketing.

Content marketing is also an excellent way to connect with your customers and readers. With it, you can find a very convenient way to make your goods and services known and readily available to your audience.

While content marketing is very effective, it is not very easy. Building a useful marketing strategy can be challenging and requires serious work.

The 9 Best Content Marketing Tools

However, there are some tools which can make this process easier for you. Using them, you can easily create masterpieces that will be significant, useful, informative, and actionable for your readers.

So what are these great content marketing tools?

1. Outbrain

Some people have amazing and very informative content but are struggling with publishing and distribution. These two problems are making it difficult for these content marketers to get the desired result for their efforts. If you fall in that group, let Outbrain bail you out.

This platform can help you boost your audience size for any type of content including infographics, video, and blog posts.

By using Outbrain, your content can reach a higher number of customers that you couldn’t normally reach if you did everything on your own.

2. Mailchimp

After having a good product or service, you want to get it across to as much of your audience as possible. This may be challenging if your readers are not in one location.

What if you have some international customers? How can you notify them of new products or services?

One of the easiest ways to reach your audience is via email. By sending a well-written message to your various customers, you will create awareness for whatever you want to offer them.

Mailchimp is a platform that will make it insanely easy to send a single message to thousands of people without any delay in delivery. The speed and efficiency of Mailchimp in delivering such messages makes it a necessity for any marketer.

This amazing list building platform offers you the opportunity to set up mailing lists, track responses of your customers, and send email campaigns.

If you want to automatically send your blog posts to your mailing list, just set up an RSS feed directly into Mailchimp from your blog. That way, you are assured that all people on your mailing list will always receive updated information.

Alternate tools to MailChimp: ConvertKit, Aweber

3. Evernote

Evernote is another great solution for content marketing.

Using the app, you can easily record any content ideas you have, clip your web content together for future use, and keep a good record of your editorial calendar.

You can also use Evernote for collaborating with other members of your team. With it, you can share any idea together and analyze it in real time.

What a great way to be in constant touch with your team members!

The ease of use of Evernote lies in its availability for use on a broad range of devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. As a result, you can be in charge of everything irrespective of where you are.


Using infographics is a great way to boost the effectiveness of your content.

You will achieve more than what a thousand words can do with infographics because there is no better way to pass along information than with a very clear visual image

If you want to do that, you can count on because it allows you to create infographics and share them online without hitches.

No matter what you want to do, you can make a choice from the thousands of templates available for use with a drag-and-drop capability to fill out the chosen template with your write-up.

If you feel you have a better template, you can upload that and use it to build awesome infographics!

5. MixPanel

Analyzing your customers may give you some useful information while marketing your content, and one of the most robust solutions for customer analytics is MixPanel.

It has some impressive features such as retention analysis, funnel reports, and user segmentation.

Apart from these functions, you can also use MixPanel to A/B split test your apps, send customized messages to your readers, and create surveys.

The good thing is that you don’t need any particular skill to use MixPanel, making it easy and highly valuable to the marketer’s toolkit.

6. Atomic Ally

Do you want your articles to have the desired effect on your customers? Of course you do. We all do.

But sometimes, we find it difficult to measure or predict the possible outcome of our writing so as to connect the dots before posting. 


Atomic Ally will analyze your blog posts by taking some important factors into consideration. After analyzing your content, it’ll give you feedback based on 20 factors about its potential impact on your audience.

A little tweaking here and there via the inbuilt editor will improve the potential impact of the article on the target audience. That way, your readers will be guaranteed to receive useful information without running the risk of losing them to dull and ineffective content.

You also have the opportunity of targeting a specific audience by selecting the right option from general, specialist, academic, or genius. After making the selection, the tool will inform you about the appropriateness of your content for your audience- too complicated or too simple.

7. HubSpot

This is a household name among marketers.

HubSpot is filled with enough features to get all of your work done. Their customer support is excellent, and it also has other valuable platforms for creating effective landing pages, blog posts, and other marketing techniques.

HubSpot also comes with social media analytics and capabilities for message scheduling.

Such social media promptness will have a positive effect on your brand as your customers will appreciate getting up-to-date information from you regularly

8. BuzzSumo

When it comes to analytics, BuzzSumo is king. This tool is very useful in figuring out which of your competitors is doing well; it gives you a list of the highest ranking, the best social marketers, the most trending content on the internet that matches your keywords, and more.

This knowledge is useful in helping you to write blog posts that will be on par, if not better, than your competitors. What’s more, you can also leverage that knowledge to get the best advertising methods based on your target audience.

Fortunately, the first five searches you make on the platform are free. That is an excellent opportunity to test the efficiency of BuzzSumo.


Great images are known to have a lasting effect on readers. That is why many content marketers depend on Photoshop to make good images for their blog posts.

If you need an alternative tool to edit your image, GIMP is the best choice for you. It is free and has all the components that will make image editing cool and easy.

There are features for retouching photos, creating new images, and building composite images. Using GIMP, your blog posts will be more appealing to your customers and translate to more readership and success for you.

Alternative to Gimp: Canva, Stencil

The Most Useful Content Marketing Tools

If you have problems with marketing, you may find these content marketing solutions indispensable. The results of using them far outweigh the process of learning how to use them effectively.

Don’t forget that your customers are the bedrock of your success. You need the right content to get to them, to relate to them, and appeal to their needs.

Remember that content is king. Using these tools, you will be well on your way to having good content that will nurture a healthy relationship with your readers.

What is your favorite content marketing tool? What else do you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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